Friday, November 18, 2011

first experience do the conference call

all the while for the four month i been working as an engineer.
during this short period of time, i have go through all the training for the whole department.
for now i already attached to my department which is FA. so i manage to handle OSA machine.
i felt so excited actually. hehe
yesterday i been follows my senior to do conference call...
this is my first experience in life to join conference call.
even though this is just only the conference call, at the same time
i have gain some experience on how to communicate to people.
furthermore as a fresh graduate like me, i need to gain the experience as much as possible. so this is just my platform to enhance my skill.hehe (perhaps hahaha)
this conference including US, singapore n penang...
hopefully for the next friday i can manage to handle this conference call....

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